Hello Mildura Podcast

37: Brad Fyfe shares his Solunar cafe, & Mayor Liam Wood fills us in on happenings in Mildura.

September 08, 2022 LipCity Episode 37
Hello Mildura Podcast
37: Brad Fyfe shares his Solunar cafe, & Mayor Liam Wood fills us in on happenings in Mildura.
Show Notes

Brad Fyfe is the owner of Solunar and The Italian. 

With 35 years experience in hospitality, Brad commenced an apprenticeship in Cookery in 1987. 

He has worked as a Head Chef & Executive Chef in Melbourne, Perth and Tasmania.   

Brad arrived in Mildura 20 years ago as Executive Chef for Stefanos. 

From there he has been involved in many food projects in Mildura, including being the leader of Slow Food Mildura, and more.  

Solunar is known as a café with food from the heart, made for the soul, he created with Jason Wilkie in November 2020. This situated within the Mildura Waves Aquatic Centre at180-190 Deakin Ave, Mildura, at the Alfred Deakin Centre.

Website: https://solunarsoulfood.com.au/

Mayor Liam Wood was born and bred in Mildura and grew up on the banks of Kings Billabong.

After graduating from the Red Cliffs High School, Liam went on to study landscape architecture at RMIT University. He moved back to Mildura 13 years ago and now runs three businesses.

Liam has a keen interest in events/tourism and the small business sector which he says are vital drivers for the local economy and has dedicated significant resources and time into events and hospitality in Sunraysia for over a decade.

He is involved in many annual charity events, such as Ladies Day, which raises money for Sunraysia cancer research, as well as the ‘our walk’ event, which has raised money for several charities. He said these and other similar events raise much needed funds for local organisations which often get forgotten at State and Federal level.

Mayor Wood has committed to do as much as he can for the Sunraysia community during his term, stressing the region and its people have so much to offer and deserve strong representation from their elected leaders.

He believes Council should always conduct its business with integrity, fairness, honesty, and transparency for all.

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