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36: We chat with Rhonda Avery from the Robinvale Art Group exhibition, & Paul Clarke from Cullulleraine Music Festival.

September 01, 2022 LipCity Episode 36
Hello Mildura Podcast
36: We chat with Rhonda Avery from the Robinvale Art Group exhibition, & Paul Clarke from Cullulleraine Music Festival.
Show Notes

Rhonda Avery is from Melbourne, and is now located in Robinvale teaching art.  

Rhonda was a keen drawer from a young age. Then she chose an art pathway through her school years. Finally majoring in printing then onto teaching.  

Rhonda has been involved in TAFE Outreach art classes, many and varied workshops, Summer Art School at Charles Sturt Uni, Community projects, such as Riverboat Captain bollards, the Commonwealth Games Baton Archway, the design for a Memorial Park monument in Robinvale and mosaic work for the Community Sculpture Garden.  

Rhonda has also been involved in a Community Health / Education Department program (REFHL) promoting wellbeing to school children. This has involved presenting visual arts as the vehicle for various activities for children.  

She is also an illustrator for a children’s book: “What Does A Cockatoo Do?”   

She has participated in Exhibitions at Ouyen, Swan Hill, Mildura and Balranald as well as many Robinvale art shows and local events. Selling a variety of work, some even internationally.  

Rhonda is now running a local Robinvale art group. Where they meet regularly. Including workshops, and different methods, all aiding the creative journey.  

Rhona is here to tell us more about an exhibition called A taste of talent from Robinvale Art Group 

Exhibition will works by several members of Robinvale Art Group, including Rhonda, Jackie Cousins, Tara Parish & Val Tucker. 

Exhibition opening is at 1pm on Sunday 4th September at Workspace 3496, in Red Cliffs, following The Red Cliffs Country Market and will run until September 30.  

Website: workspace3496.com

Paul Clarke is the President of the committee for the Cullulleraine Music Festival being held on Oct 7-9, 2022. 

We spoke to Stephanie Rogers on Episode 34, but she was unable to tell us the lineup of musicians back then, so now the list is announced! 

Listen to our chat with Paul to find out more. 

You can check out the full program & grab your tickets at:  cullullerainemusicfestival.com.au

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