Hello Mildura Podcast

Donna chats with Vernon Knight - Mildura author, & Angylina Kiyomorét G. Zayn - Founder of The Zayn Act

June 09, 2022 LipCity Episode 26
Hello Mildura Podcast
Donna chats with Vernon Knight - Mildura author, & Angylina Kiyomorét G. Zayn - Founder of The Zayn Act
Show Notes

Vernon Knight discovered the joy of creative writing six or seven years ago. He is the author of “Happenstance” and “Deaths in Paradise,” and more.

His work has been widely recognised with Membership of the Order of Australia in 2002, the Tattersalls Enterprise and Achievement Award and the Centenary Medal in 2003. 

Today Vernon has come to chat with us about his most recent book “From Cradle to Grave”. This is about hiking in the Tasmanian High Country when a blizzard hit Cradle Mountain.  

Another project that Vernon had created, was prior to the Age Care Royal Commission when there was a growing realisation that Nursing Home care needed to be reformed. 

As a retired social worker, Vernon concluded that he could enhance the wellbeing of our elderly community, by giving them the chance to share their stories. 

A review undertaken by Monash Health during the first book, confirmed the benefits of this project, so Vernon was determined to keep going. 

Now working on Book 4 (with all volunteer writers involved). Vernon expects to capture a total of nearly 80 stories by the end of this year.

Vernon helps other writers publish their books too. Such as “Out to Dry” by Dick Johnstone, “Rhythm and Rhyme” by Michael Oates, “The Write Time” by U3A writers, while attempting to pursue his own writing interests.

 Email vernon.knight1@bigpond.com  

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Angylina Kiyomorét G. Zayn is a Vegan Influencer Talent Manager and Founder of The Zayn Act

Born in Turkey, she came to Australia when she was only seven with her family, and they ended up in Mildura.

Angylina went to school in Midura, then dabbled in businesses at 17yo. 

Angylina had a dream, so she went after it at 19 years of age to pursue it in Melbourne. 

She says: ‘I am forever grateful for this decision because while living alone when I was 21yrs old in St Kilda, I made the morally right action to be Vegan (September 2017).’ 

 She then created a business called ‘The Zayn Act’ to work with Vegans who aren't afraid to be vocal about the atrocities that animals experience every day. 

With The Zayn Act she wants every Vegan to have a louder and greater voice than the mainstream media. 


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