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Donna & Em chat with Don Carrazza about his book 'My Story' and his life in Mildura

May 05, 2022 LipCity Episode 21
Hello Mildura Podcast
Donna & Em chat with Don Carrazza about his book 'My Story' and his life in Mildura
Show Notes

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Don Carrazza is an Italian-born entrepreneur who has called Mildura home since he migrated in 1955. 

Don developed a range of businesses in the hospitality and tourism industries that include Piccola Italia, Grand Hotel, Stefano’s Restaurant, and the Mildura Brewery, amongst others.  

He has been an active voluntary member of the local community, participating in local clubs or chairing organisations over the last 40 years that include Irymple Football Club, Mildura Tourism and Sunraysia Regional Consulting. 

Don’s business success has been noted through numerous hospitality industry awards, while he recognises the support and work of his late wife, Anna DeVito. 

He is the father of three children, the grandfather of eight and the great-grandfather of one. 

At nearly 83 years of age, he is looking forward to more travel, stable health, and time to enjoy his family and friends. 

I have invited Don in for a chat not only to chat about his life achievements, but also about his inspiring book titled 'My Story – Living in Opportunity.' Which begins from his childhood in Italy to migrating to his new life in Mildura.
Book available at collinsbooksmildura.com.au

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